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    over 100,000 jobs and counting

    We’ve fitted over 100,000 insulation measures into homes throughout the UK, leaving our customers a little bit warmer & a lot better off.

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    loft & cavity wall insulation

    home insulation

    If your energy supplier had been overcharging you by 10% on your heating bills, year after year after year, you’d probably be furious! But, if your home is not properly insulated, you might be throwing away exactly this sort of money every year, without any chance of getting it back.

    Fortunately grants have been made available that we are able to access on your behalf to subsidise insulation at your home.

    Obtaining proper home insulation is probably the wisest money-saving move you could make – and you can arrange it simply by filling in the form in the blue box above, requesting a Home Energy Assessment.

    Our professionally trained Assessors will provide you with a free update on the performance of your building to give you an idea of the greatest benefits available for your home and importantly the financial grants available. Alternatively you can call the freephone number and speak to one of our Customer Care Advisors.

    loft insulation

    Save Up To £180 a year

    The thickness of insulation recommended by the Government is 270mm, or about 10 inches. In a loft that has no current insulation we install this in two layers, one rolled out between the joists in your loft and the other laid at right angles across the top of the joists. where there is some existing insulation, you can still save money by topping it up to the recommended level.

    Our experienced fitters will ensure that your loft is insulated safely, and properly ventilated as well to guard against any build up of condensation. The material we use is environmentally-friendly and easy to work with – a far cry from those rolls of scratchy and irritating materials of a few years ago.

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    external wall insulation

    Some properties don’t have cavity walls, so they present a different challenge when it comes to saving energy. The solutions are just as effective, but are a lot harder to implement and cost a lot more money.

    But, if you live in one of these ‘hard to treat’ homes, it’s not all bad news. First, there are some very attractive subsidies available for external or internal wall insulation in most parts of the country. Secondly, the finished result gives a wonderfully fresh ‘face-lift’ to your property, increasing its value as well as saving you money on your heating bills.

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    cavity wall

    Save Up To £140 a year

    Cavity wall insulation is achieved by blowing specially treated material into the cavity through a series of small holes drilled in a careful pattern in your walls.

    Our Installers are among the best in the business, and they will make good the holes with closely-matching filler, so that you have a first-class result with the minimum of fuss and disruption. Most of our customers are amazed at how quickly and neatly this operation can be carried out and our work is guaranteed for 25 years by CIGA – the Government-backed Cavity Insulation Guarantee Agency – offering you complete peace of mind.

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    happy customers

    “Your Team installed insulation at my house today. May I say they were efficient, pleasant and careful with my house interior. Glad to see you employ good people, and if I receive any enquiries on insulation installation, I will refer them to your company.”

    Mr Holmes, Llanvaches MORE

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